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Joint CBRNE Strategy

Joint CBRNE Strategy


Joint CBRNE Strategy
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In your hand you have the second edition of the Joint CBRNE Strategy. It is aimed at all the Swedish actors who operate within – or are affected by – the CBRNE field. The texts have been generally updated and processes aimed at identifying and prioritising the CBRNE areas have been added. CBRNE, also referred to as hazardous substances, concerns several different organizations, demands a range of competencies and affects every section of society. Extensive collaboration is therefore required to ensure that joint efforts within the field are effective. This Strategy creates the foundation for cooperation and collaboration within the field and specifies a common direction for all the various inputs. The goals and sub-goals drawn up in 2012-2013 remain unchanged. They were formulated based on a number of fundamental principles which can be found in Annex 6.

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