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Resilient cities in Sweden : Six inspiring examples on DRR action

Resilient cities in Sweden : Six inspiring examples on DRR action


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In order to support more city-to-city
exchange’s we have produced this folder with six
examples on local DRR action in Sweden. We hope
that you will find it inspiring and look forward
tofurther exchanges.
The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, MSB, is
commissioned to be the national focal point for
the Hyogo Declaration and the HFA. The MSB is also
responsible for coordinating the national platform
for DRR. For Sweden’s policy work in accordance
with the HFA, the Ministry of ForeignAffairs
is the focal point.
The Swedish National Platform for Disaster Risk
Reduction was established in 2007 and consists of
22 authorities and organizations.Participation
in the platform is voluntary. MSB finances the
platform’s secretariat; however, the platform’s
activities are funded by the participating
members. Activities are governed by an action plan
that is updated annually.

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