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Don’t light a fire you can’t put out

Every year, around 780 fires start from wood burning stoves across Sweden. That’s 780 too many. Inspect your stove, get your chimney swept and don’t over fire your stove. Then you’ll be doing your bit to help reduce the number of fires that break out.

Taking part in a mission

MSB is always looking for committed and skilled experts for our humanitarian, resilience and peace support operations. If you want to engage yourself in providing support to those affected by a crisis, conflict or a disaster, here is further information on how you can get involved.


The Swedish National Coordination Centre for cybersecurity research and innovation

The Swedish National Coordination Centre for cybersecurity research and innovation will enable EU funding for financial support.


6 December 2022
Time 16.00

Rekommendationer med anledning av senaste tidens cybersäkerhetsincidenter

Ett antal cybersäkerhetsincidenter av olika slag påverkar svenska verksamheter för tillfället. Både privata och offentliga aktörer är drabbade. MSB och den nationella funktionen CERT-SE vill uppmana verksamheter till att ha en ökad bevakning av sin it-miljö för att kunna upptäcka avvikelser i ett tidigt skede.
17 November 2022
Time 16.38

Great conditions for increased willingness to defend

Sweden is a great country to live in. That is the prevailing opinion, regardless of age or income level. In addition, almost everyone thinks it’s a given to help out in case an accident or crisis, a new survey from MSB shows. It was conducted ahead of a campaign for increased willingness to defend the country: We have it in us if the crisis or war comes.
12 August 2022
Time 9.27

Second international operation this year for Sweden's forest firefighting aircraft

For the second time this year, Sweden's forest firefighting aircraft have been activated for an international operation. Due to severe forest fires affecting several parts of the country, France has requested help via the EU civil protection cooperation, and Sweden has accepted the assignment.
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