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Before a mission

To participate in the MSB's missions, you need to be registered on our roster. In addition, you must have completed at least the MSB induction training.

The MSB endeavours to ensure that everyone registered on the roster have completed the induction training course and, if necessary, complementary training before taking part in a mission. The reason for this is primarily that we want you to possess a solid fund of knowledge and feel confident in your ability to work on mission.

When you have been registered on the MSB roster,  it is of great importance that you continually update your information on MyPages. There are several reasons why it is important:

  • Your CV is based on the information you have registered on MyPages. It is the CV that we screen prior a mission and who will determine if you are accepted for the mission.
  • If you have updated requested documents on MyPages, administration prior mission will be easier.
  • We will primary contact you via e-mail or cell phone, why correct details are of great importance.

Selection for a mission

Once you have been registered on the MSB roster, it might take some time before we contact you with a request for a mission.  It depends on what sort of need our partner organisations request as well as if  you have the required competence.

The MSB's HR- Officers will contact you, usually by e-mail, when we have received a request that matches your profile. If you are interested in deployment and are accepted by partner organisation, we will start all preparations prior a mission, such as apply for visa, medical examination, vaccines' and deployment conditions.

When you have been selected for a mission, the waiting time prior to the actual departure varies. However, you should be prepared to be able to leave within a week.


The MSB has developed a trainee program for individuals registered on the roster, the aim of which is to increase the numbers of available individuals for international missions within priority areas of expertise.

The MSB gives priority to candidates in the roster who have undergone the induction training and have a suitable background in terms of training and experience but who but lack international field experience. The MSB strives to apply gender equality in terms of recruitment to the programme. The duration of the trainee program varies between eight and twelve weeks.

Mission duration 

The mission duration depends on the operation. A mission usually lasts from three months up to one year. There are also missions that last for several years and those whose duration is from ten days to a couple of months, but these are far less common.

Pre-deployment briefing

Once you have been selected for a mission, the MSB will hold a pre-deployment briefing, at which you will receive in-depth information about the mission and its principals and also be allocated the personal equipment that you will require during the mission.

Furthermore, you will be given information about the country in question and also about security and gender issues. The code of conduct is reviewed, and you will have to sign a document to show that you have understood the information. Your HR Officer will inform you about your contract of deployment, and you will be given an insurance certificate and an identity card.

You will also be given general information on how to deal with health-related issues and stress during a mission. If you are very experienced working for MSB you may not have to attend in person in certain cases but this can be done in the form of a distance meeting.

Worth bearing in mind before a mission!

Remember to log on to MyPages and update your profile by adding new areas of expertise and training courses. Make sure that we always have the correct contact details to you, as it is of great importance for us to be able to contact you.

If you have been registered on the MSB roster, you also need to attach the following documents on MyPages:

  • Photo
  • Valid copy of passport
  • Valid copy of driver's licence
  • Diploma from the UN's security in the field training

Please note, the above mentioned documents are not to be attached by you who only have registered on MyPages and not yet been registered on the MSB roster.

Latest reviewed: 3 June 2019

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