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What can private individuals do?

Everyone living in Sweden can contribute to our general preparedness and security. You can avoid spreading false rumours, stay prepared at home or get involved in other ways.

Keep a cool head, don't spread rumours

Sweden may experience an increased risk of cyber-attacks and attempts to disinform and spread rumours. You can help to counter these measures by:

  • Remaining alert for misinformation and not spreading it further.
  • Seeking information from credible sources. The website krisinformation.se provides updated and accurate information from public authorities and organisations.

Protect your data from cyber attacks

If an IT attack occurs, an attacker must have found a security hole. But you can protect your data and contribute to society's cyber defence with a few simple steps:

  • Install security updates on your phone, computer and other devices as soon as possible.
  • Use services with reliable encryption for calls and messages, there are several of them including "Signal" and "Cryptify". Please consult the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority (PTS) for further guidance.
  • Be wary of phishing attempts and attempts to plant malware, for example via web pages or links in emails or text messages.
  • Protect your eID.

Get involved

Get involved by discussing security and preparedness with your housing association, joining a voluntary defence organisation or other association that needs your help or donating to organisations currently supporting the population in Ukraine.

Prepare in solidarity

As always, you are part of Sweden's preparedness. You can ensure your own safety and that of your neighbours by reviewing your home preparedness so that you can survive at least one week without public aid. But don't hoard. There's no reason to do so, and it may make it harder for others obtain necessary items.

The Food Agency's current assessment finds no risk of food shortages in Sweden. While shelves may be temporarily empty, as many shoppers buy the same items or purchase more than usual, stocks will be replenished.

Live your life as usual

It is natural to feel anxious and uncertain about what is happening in Ukraine. Share your concerns with others. Speak with family, friends, neighbours, at school, at work or in your community. Remember, there is no immediate threat. Sweden remains a safe country to live in.
Keep up to date with events from trusted sources, but don't let news coverage take over completely. Do everyday things and activities that you enjoy.

At krisinformation.se, you can get up-to-date information regarding measures taken by Swedish public authorities and organisations in response to the security situation. There is also advice for speaking with children and young people about what is happening.

Visit Krisinformation.se for information in English about the war in Ukraine

Latest reviewed: 30 November 2023

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