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Current recruitments

When the MSB need to strengthen the capacity of the roster, announcements are posted on this website. To become registered on the roster, which is a prerequisite for participation on MSB operations, you have to go through a selection process.

The MSB Roster

Current recruitments

12 November 2019
Time 00.00

Security Officer

The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) is opening our roster for Security Officers willing to be deployed to various parts of the world. This profile is most commonly used for EU- missions within the Common Security and Defence Policy. A regist...

12 November 2019
Time 00.00

Camp Security Officer

The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) is opening our roster for Camp Security Officer willing to be deployed at short notice to various parts of the world. A registration on our roster is initialy for three years and as registered you will cont...

8 November 2019
Time 00.00

Byggnadsingenjörer till förstärkningsresurs Sök och räddning

Myndigheten för samhällsskydd och beredskap (MSB) öppnar nu resursbasen för byggnadsingenjörer som vill arbeta operativt inom den svenska krisberedskapen. Vill du ut och arbeta operativt på skadeplats? Känns det lockande att arbeta i nära samarbete b...

18 October 2019
Time 00.00

Projektsamordnare till kapacitetsutvecklingsprojekt med stationering i Indonesien

MSB, in consortium with the Estonian Rescue Board (ERB), is launching a new collaborative programme with the AHA Centre (ASEAN Coordination Centre for Humanitarian Assistance in Disaster Management) in Indonesia. The project, partly funded by EU DEVCO,...

The MSB roster currently consists of over 1500 people with backgrounds in a variety of areas of expertise.

Areas of expertise

These people have gone through a selection process, and participated in training organised by the MSB. It is primarily in the field roster that we are looking for people when we recruit for an operation.

When we need to strengthen the roster with more people and new areas of expertise, we will post announcements here. If you have an interest in participating in MSB operations and you find an announcement that matches your skills and experience, we recommend you to apply.

You apply by logging on to your MyPages account (you find details on how to create an account on MyPages  below), then click on the advert and press the apply button. You will then have the possibility to write a personal message to your application.  Your CV consists of the information you have already registered via the web portal.


Once the application period has expired for an advert, a selection process is carried out. The applicants that we believe meet the requirements will be invited for an interview, either in person or by phone.  The next step is to contact the persons listed as references. The candidates, who are approved after the interview and reference checks, are registered on the roster.


MyPages is a web portal where anyone who is interested in working on MSB operations can register their contact information as well as information on educational background, work experience and language skills. The information that you enter through the portal forms the basis of the CV which we generate from MyPages in the event of recruitment. It is therefore very important that you make a complete registration, and that you enter your details in English. To make your CV as competitive as possible at all time, you should update your information on MyPages as you acquire additional experience and training.

By registering on MyPages your information enters into our candidate database. This does not mean that you will be registered on the MSB roster or that you will automatically be contacted by MSB staff. To be admitted to the roster, which is a prerequisite for participation in operations, you have to go through a selection process.

Latest reviewed: 3 June 2019

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