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International Humanitarian Partnership (IHP)

International Humanitarian Partnership (IHP) is a network connecting national disaster management authorities in Europe.

MSB is an active member of the IHP, within the scope of MSB’s international operations. The cooperation serves to mobilise joint resources, both personnel and equipment, to support affected people by strengthening the UN and the EU in disasters and complex emergencies.

IHP is a platform for international cooperation and joining resources, both equipment and staff, thereby strengthening the combined response of the joint IHP members. The goal is to support affected people by strengthening humanitarian actors’ responses to crisis, disasters and conflicts.

Combines different national resources

The IHP support includes operational, technical and financial support to multilateral organisations engaged in humanitarian assistance around the world. For example, IHP can provide temporary housing and office facilities to aid workers or radio and telecommunication equipment when the infrastructure has been damaged. The aim of the IHP-cooperation is to provide efficient and cost effective support by sharing equipment, staffing, funding and logistics capacities but also that the IHP organisations jointly pool expertise and experiences. This provides a unique opportunity to combine national resources to support partners and stakeholders in challenging contexts.

IHP has eight member countries

MSB is one of the founders of IHP, which was created in 1995. Since then, the membership has expanded and currently IHP has eight member countries: Luxembourg, Norway, Denmark, Finland, the United Kingdom, Estonia, Sweden, and Germany.

MSB has been active in most IHP operations, which amount to more than 100 engagements since 1995.

Read more about IHP on their website

Latest reviewed: 23 June 2020

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