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Training and exercises for those who are registered on MSB's roster

The basic idea behind the MSB’s training courses and exercises is to develop and enhance the ability of the individuals registered on the MSB’s roster to successfully be able to work in our operations.

To take advantage of training courses and exercises you must be registered on the MSB roster.

Programme for training courses and exercises

The MSB offers introductory and specialist courses as well as in-house exercises or exercises in collaboration with other bodies.

The MSB Induction Course is mandatory for those registered on the roster. We also offer specialist courses and exercises within the areas of expertise we are working with.

The objectives for training courses and exercises are to:

  • Contribute to the enhancement and increase in professional skills to facilitate practical involvement on MSB operations.
  • Increase knowledge about the MSB's mandates, activities and partners.
  • Provide increased knowledge and understanding of different cultures, the equal rights of individuals regardless of gender, colour, ethnicity, age, religion, political opinion, sexual orientation or disability, as well as vulnerable groups with specific needs during relief operations.
  • Provide increased capacity for independent decision-making and deliberate action on the basis of the MSB's current code of conduct and guidelines.
  • Develop the capacity for collaboration, problem solving and accountability.


The MSB Induction Course takes the form of a preparatory home study section and concludes with a five day residential study course.

It provides participants with knowledge and skills in areas such as:

  • MSB mandates and activities
  • MSB operations, operational types and partners
  • Information management and communication
  • Safety and security
  • Human rights
  • Gender and diversity
  • Environment and DRR (disaster risk reduction)
  • Ethical issues and positions
  • Cultural awareness
  • Team building and conflict management
  • Health

Specialist courses

The MSB offers its own specialist courses in several areas. In some cases you may be offered courses run by other bodies. The MSB’s specialist courses are adapted to a specific competence profile and the tasks that a specific post entails on an operation.

There are, for example, specialist courses for environmental experts, logisticians, nurses and IT technicians. The MSB is also given the opportunity to nominate individuals from the roster to training courses with some other organizations. This applies primarily to courses and exercises organised by various UN bodies or within the framework of the EU Civil Protection Mechanism, but other bodies may also be relevant.

The MSB’s specialist courses are held as and when needed.


For those registered on the roster to have the opportunity to put their theoretical and practical knowledge and skills to the test various types of exercise are held. Some exercises aim to familiarize the participants with the equipment used during an operation, while others aim to create a realistic context and test professional skills in as realistic conditions as possible.
The MSB holds its own exercises as well as jointly with other bodies.

The MSB’s exercises are held as and when necessary.

Pedagogy and methodology

The pedagogy and methodology behind MSB courses and exercises for those registered on the roster are those of process-oriented learning. The teaching is a varied mixture of lectures, individual assignments, group discussions, practical exercises, seminars, role-play, films and interviews. In such a way participants develop their own cooperation and problem solving skills, and an ability to take responsibility and make independent and critical assessments.

Selection and admission

To take advantage of training courses and exercises you must be registered on the MSB roster.

Training opportuinities are sent out via targeted invitations to the target group for the training or exercise. Admission takes place in consultation between the relevant officers at MSB, who in the selection take into account the prior knowledgde and previous experience required, as well as the need for competency development and availability for deployment on operations. The MSB also strives to have as gender balanced an intake as possible on its training courses and exercises.

Latest reviewed: 27 May 2024

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