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Two light scooping aircraft sent to forest fires in Greece

Published: 5 August 2021

Several serious forest fires are raging in Greece. Greece has requested international assistance through the EU's civil protection cooperation, rescEU. The EU has requested that Sweden send the scooping aircraft on standby for EU operations. Sweden has confirmed via MSB that the aircraft are available and Greece has accepted the offer.


Cyber security, countering foreign influence and prevention of violent extremism in focus at leadership meeting

Published: 24 June 2021

This week MSB and DHS S&T held a leadership meeting to discuss challenges and opportunities for our long-standing bilateral research and development partnership. On the agenda were a number of prioritized fields, such as cyber security, countering foreign influence and prevention of violent extremism.


The rescEU medical stockpile in Sweden is ready to provide assistance

Published: 24 June 2021

The medical stockpile for which Sweden, through MSB, has been assigned responsibility has now started to fill up with equipment to be kept in stock and can thus be used in European preparedness.
"Many people have been working hard since September last year when we received the assignment and we are happy to say that the stockpile is now ready for use," says Robert Wallén, Head of Response and Operations Department, MSB.


MSB’s responsibility for EU's logistics service for civilian crisis management missions is extended

Published: 29 April 2021

For the last three years, MSB has been responsible for the EU's logistics service for civilian crisis management missions. This assignment is now being extended for another 18 months.
– We welcome the extension and how it gives us the opportunity to continue to develop the service, says Filip Staake, project manager for the assignment.


Scooping aircraft in place in case of wild fires

Published: 1 April 2021

The Swedish scooping aircraft are now in place ahead of the forest fire season. The timeframe is from first of April until October 30th and can respond to fires in both Sweden and the EU.
– The preparedness is continuously adapted based on risk of fire in the country. The aircraft, if needed, are also expected to be deployed to other EU member states, as they are part of the joint preparedness, says Petronella Norell, head of the National and Civil Protection Operations Section, MSB.


EU-minister Hans Dahlgren visited MSB´s EU-warehouses

Published: 15 March 2021

Sweden’s minister for EU affairs, Hans Dahlgren digitally visited the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, MSB, on the 12th of March to learn more about the agency´s work concerning CSDP Warehouse II and the work within the EU´s civil protection mechanism specifically regarding the rescEU medical stockpile.


MSB proposes replacement for the Rakel radio communication system

Published: 12 February 2021

Today, the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) is submitting its response to a Government assignment regarding the collective need for a new, developed and secure communication system for critical civil services. In the response, MSB describes the background of the collective need for a new communication system and proposals of technical solutions and the division of roles.


Transatlantic roundtable on societal security in the light of covid-19

Published: 29 January 2021

Yesterday MSB arranged a high level international roundtable to collect insights on how the pandemic is affecting societies’ ability to prevent and handle crises.


Two more scooping aircraft reinforce the forest fire preparedness

Published: 28 January 2021

Since last year, MSB has an agreement with Saab AB including two scooping aircraft for extinguishing wildfires. MSB has now activated an option for two additional aircraft for the period 2021-2023.


Camilla Asp appointed Deputy Director General and acting Director General of MSB

Published: 8 January 2021

Camilla Asp is taking up the position as Deputy Director General and acting Director General of MSB. She previously served as head of MSB’s department for crisis preparedness and civil defence.

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