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Tactics, command, leadership

Tactics, command, leadership


Tactics, command, leadership
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Detta är den engelska versionen av boken Taktik,
ledning, ledarskap som publicerades 2005.

Emergency response operations are complex. The
work in connection with emergency response
operations must be based on the need for
assistance. There are resources available which
must be managed and applied expediently.
Decisions must be based on solid evidence and
take into account resources, damage, injury, the
object and the assistance need in general.
Making them demands knowledge and experience.
The purpose is to meet the needs for assistance
resulting from incidents or accidents, or the
impending danger of such.

Tactics, command, leadership presents, discusses
and exemplifies the experiences of municipal
rescue services and the results of scientific
research from many different perspectives. This
book is principally aimed at management staff in
municipal structures for providing rescue
services. It is primarily oriented towards
education activities within rescue service
agencies but is also applicable to active rescue
service personnel and other interested parties.

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