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Strengthening civil preparedness

Strengthening civil preparedness


Strengthening civil preparedness
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Sweden’s civil preparedness must be further strengthened in order to manage the wide range of serious threats and risks facing our society. The strains that society must be able to deal with include climate change, health threats, cyber attacks, disinformation and the consequences of international conflicts and destabilisation. The challenges are many where knowledge, collaboration and proper assets are required to increase Sweden’s capability. In Strengthening civil preparedness, MSB highlights several societal challenges as well as the greatest threats and risks that Sweden face. MSB also highlighst some areas of development where stakeholders in civil preparedness need to consolidate their efforts in the coming years. This publication is based on the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) National Risk and Capability Assessment 2021. The publication is also available in Swedish "Kraftsamling för en stärkt civil beredskap". Order No: MSB1796 - juni 2021.

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