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Building Resilience in the Nordic Region : A Swedish perspective

Building Resilience in the Nordic Region : A Swedish perspective


Building Resilience in the Nordic Region : A Swedish perspective
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The Nordic ministerial cooperation within the area of preparedness for major accidents and emergencies, the Haga cooperation, has been ongoing since the ministers’ first meeting in 2009 at Haga Palace outside Stockholm. In 2018, Sweden was responsible for preparing and conducting the Haga ministers’ annual meeting. In order to contribute to the work of ensuring a more effective and structured exchange of information and cooperation between the Nordic countries in issues concerning security and resilience against threats and risks at all levels of the threat scale, MSB produced the report "How to build security in the Nordic countries". The report presents 13 recommendations for building a safer Nordic region by 2025. 1. Conduct joint assessment of risks, vulnerabilities and dependencies 2. Develop training in protective security and information management 3. Make use of existing agreements within security of supply and protective security 4. Develop effective preparation for providing and receiving civil and military support 5. Achieve borderless rescue service cooperation within Nordred 6. Further develop robust and secure communications for crises and emergencies 7. Exchange of situation reports during events with cross-border consequences 8. Expand cooperation within cybersecurity and information security 9. Strengthen Nordic health preparedness 10. Put in place effective handling of disruptions in all modes of transport 11. Develop a joint capability to handle disruptions and shortages in terms of energy and fuel 12. Strengthen cooperation within food supply, agriculture and veterinary medicine 13. Promote training, exercises and seminars – for a common culture It is MSB’s hope that this publication can also satisfy a broader information and knowledge need among those involved or otherwise interested in Nordic cooperation.

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