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Guide to risk and vulnerability analyses

Guide to risk and vulnerability analyses


Guide to risk and vulnerability analyses
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Anticipation and prevention are essential for proper emergency preparedness and good safety work. Authorities should therefore continually analyse what risks and vulnerabilities exist in their area of responsibility. Risk and vulnerability analyses form an important part of authorities’ risk management. The purpose of this guide is to support government authorities, county administrative boards, municipalities, and county councils in their work on risk and vulnerability analyses, and to provide suggestions on how the analytical process can be managed. An easy-to-understand picture of the methods and tools to be had for the work is also presented. The guide also describes an approach to looking at risks impartially and to adapt the work on risk and vulnerability analyses to the needs and circumstances of the organisation itself. This guide is addressed primarily to those who are working with risk and vulnerability analyses, but can also be useful in a training context, and for those otherwise interested in the subject.

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