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Transport of dangerous goods by road and rail

The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) is the competent authority for the transport of dangerous goods by road and rail in Sweden. The task is to prevent and limit injuries and damage caused by accidents involving the transportation of dangerous goods on land.
Dangerous goods are substances and articles that during transport may cause damage to life, health, property or the environment due to their chemical and physical properties.
Dangerous goods can for instance have explosive, flammable, toxic, radioactive or corrosive properties. Examples of dangerous goods are petrol, gas, cigarette lighters, sulphuric acid, arsenic, radioactive substances, fireworks and spray cans.

MSB activities in this field

The MSB works in many different fields in order to create good conditions for the transport of dangerous goods on land. The MSB is authorised to issue regulations and is responsible for the development and administration of the current legislation on the transport of dangerous goods by road and rail.
The MSB is also responsible for a number of tasks resulting from the content of the legislation, for instance certain transport approvals and certification of drivers and safety advisors. Moreover, the MSB supports research and development, provides information and advice to the industry and the general public, and also coordinates the work in this field activities of the supervisory authorities.


The Swedish Transport of Dangerous Goods Act (SFS 2006:263) and the Transport of Dangerous Goods Ordinance (SFS 2006:311) constitute the basis and conditions for the transport of dangerous goods in Sweden. Specific legislation on transport by road and rail is stated in
  • MSB provisions (MSBFS 2015:1) on the road and off-road transport of dangerous goods(ADR), and
  • MSB provisions (MSBFS 2015:2) on the transport of dangerous goods by rail (RID)

The ADR and RID regulations stipulate all conditions for transport, from provisions on responsibility, classification and packaging, to provisions on labelling, training and equipment.


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