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EU Modex IT October 2019

Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, MSB College Revinge is in consortium with the Italian Protezione Civile, responsible for a EU Modex Table Top Functional Exercise 6 – 11 October 2019.

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A functional exercise examines and/or validates the coordination, command, and control between various multi-agency coordination centres (e.g., emergency operation centre, joint field office, etc.). A functional exercise does not involve any “boots on the ground” (i.e., first responders or emergency officials responding to an incident in real time).

About the Functional Exercise 6 – 11 October 2019

The Functional Exercise, FUNEX builds on a functional exercise approach with a strong link to the reality that a EUCPT and TAST can be exposed to, both on operational, tactical and strategic levels, inside and outside Europe.

The exercise is built on the ”filling the cup” concept and starts with a joint pre-training to set the scene and prepare the teams before the “mission”.

A shared session in the end will connect the outcomes from the different teams and enhance their learning even further.

External feedback and evaluation will be included from planning phase in to delivery and links to other member states/consortiums. (SAG)

All injects are measurable and connected to the set objectives, this will secure a qualitative and measurable output that can be linked to other trainings/exercises.

Three Key Points

The Functional Exercise is build from three key points:

  • The link to other courses/exercises.
  • The link to reality and why you are doing exercises.
  • The link to a qualitative and measurable system that opens up to other courses, exercises, ”a standardization approach that could cover all parts within the EU training concept”.

Latest reviewed: 12 July 2019

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