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Other international cooperations

Examples of other international cooperations include the civil protection cooperation with the Baltic States and that Sweden, via MSB, is a member of the steering committee for the OECD High Level Risk Forum.

The Baltic States

Over years the cooperation with the Baltic States has developed into a close cooperation between neighbouring countries aiming to protect people, the environment, property, and cultural heritage against the effects of severe natural, technological and environmental disasters.

Civil protection cooperation

One example of a cooperation between Sweden and the Baltic States is the agreement on a rescue cooperation where the countries undertake to support each other in cases of severe disasters, as well as cooperate within the fields of research, development and training. The governments of Sweden and each respective country have signed this agreement.

If one party needs assistance from the other party in the event of a severe disaster or imminent danger of a disaster, they can request such assistance. The parties undertake to provide such assistance as the party deems feasible and is able to provide.

The cost of the assistance shall, unless otherwise agreed between the parties, be covered by the requesting party. The assisting party may offer their assistance entirely or partially without cost or waive all or part of the repayment liability at a later time. 

In the agreement, MSB has been appointed as the competent authority for the practical development and implementation of the cooperation within the scope of this agreement, including matters regarding request for assistance and decisions to provide assistance.

Latest reviewed: 23 June 2020

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