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The brochure If Crisis or War Comes is available to download

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Published: 2018-05-21 kl. 10:30
During Emergency Preparedness Week, 28 May – 3 June, MSB is sending out the brochure If Crisis or War Comes to 4.8 million households in Sweden. All households are being sent a copy, but you can already download and read the brochure, which is about our collective preparedness and security.

The background to this measure is that those of us who live in Sweden need to become better prepared for the consequences of everything from serious accidents, extreme weather and IT attacks to, in the worst-case scenario, war.

Tangible information about how to prepare

The focus of the information is how people can prepare themselves to manage the supply of water, food, heat and communications when public services are not functioning as normal, regardless of the cause. If we are prepared, both individuals and society as a whole will be better able to withstand severe stresses.

Focus areas on the website dinsä

The website dinsä offers more information about the areas described in the brochure. The section Crisis and War contains different focus areas covering topics such as disinformation and how to protect yourself. At the end of May, the brochure will be published in easy-to-read Swedish, Swedish and English audio versions, and translations into 13 different languages.

The website is also a source of information for those who want to monitor the development and planning of Sweden's total defence.

Why is this information coming out now?

We live in a time in which the consequences of extreme weather, IT attacks and terror attacks may cause a breakdown in the function of public services. The Swedish Government, which has given MSB this assignment, believes that this information also is important in the light of the deterioration in the security situation in the rest of the world.

The Contact Centre is answering questions

Although Sweden is safer than many other countries, this content will give rise to questions and some concerns. MSB is therefore providing an opportunity to have questions answered by the Contact Centre. Staff here will answer questions on weekdays from 21 May until 29 June. If you want to ask a question, you can use chat, email, social media or phone. The staff speak nine languages: Swedish, English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Kurdish, French, German, Portuguese and Cantonese.

Download the brochure

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