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MSB Response Team in Brisbane en route to Vanuatu

2015-03-17 kl. 14:03
The MSB response team landed in Brisbane, Australia en route to Vanuatu. Once on site in the island state the task will be to assist the UN relief team to communicate with the rest of the world.

CISKT - Training for event safety personnel

2015-03-17 kl. 11:00
CISKT (Creative Industries Safety Knowledge Transfer) is an international development project under the EU’s Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation programme, aimed at producing a permanent structure for vocational training within event safety. There has long been a perceived necessity in the events industry for an improvement and continued development in event safety. So far the development of safety in the events industry has been mainly self-regulatory.

Sweden supporting UN efforts after Cyclone Pam

2015-03-16 kl. 14:03
On Sunday, following a request from the UN, Sweden sent communications equipment and five communication experts, 3 from the MSB and 2 from Luxembourg to Vanuatu as a result of Cyclone Pam.

MSB representing Sweden in Sendai

2015-03-16 kl. 14:00
The 3rd World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction is being held in Sendai, Japan, 14-18 March. The aim is to agree on a new UN framework for disaster risk reduction.

The flood i Malawi – Mona Folkesson's story

2015-02-16 kl. 11:00
Mona Folkesson from MSB has been in Malawi as a member of the UN Disaster Assessment and Coordination (UNDAC) team. The team deployed in mid-January at the Government’s request in an effort to generate an accurate picture of the impact of the floods that have swept across the south of the country.
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