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Building inspections – part of the operational work

2015-05-05 kl. 14:22
The search and rescue operation for survivors after the earthquake in Nepal's capital Kathmandu has ended. Many response teams are now being encouraged to venture into the countryside, where humanitarian needs are still extensive. The MSB response team is focusing on supporting the country by, for example, inspecting buildings.

Operation in Nepal – a week after the earthquake

2015-05-04 kl. 17:42
It has now been just over a week since a major earthquake hit Nepal, and the scale of the disaster still isn’t fully understood. OCHA, the UN organization responsible for the coordination of the UN and the international response reported on 2 May that over 6,200 people have been killed and as many as 500,000 buildings have been destroyed.

The MSB cargo plane has landed in Nepal

2015-04-30 kl. 08:40
The cargo plane carrying equipment and material for the MSB operation landed in Kathmandu on Thursday morning 30 April.

Permission now granted for cargo plane to land in Nepal

2015-04-29 kl. 15:28
The cargo plane carrying equipment and material for the MSB operation in Nepal has now been given permission to land at Kathmandu Airport, provisionally on Thursday morning, 30 April.
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