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Join the project Generic method for Extinguishing propagating Li-Ion batteries

Together with Volvo Cars, we are hereby inviting manufacturers of extinguishing tools to this project.

The project purpose

The project purpose is to clarify and demonstrate a generic method for extinguishing propagating Li-ion batteries using different extinguishing tools. The project will consider personal risks, electrical safety and environmental impact all with the purpose to build the knowledge and security among rescue services and electric car customers, markets and media.

Differences/similarities with conventional vehicle applications such as emissions and fire processes will be highlighted and clarified.

Project results

The final report including filmed demonstration material will be published by MSB after the project has been concluded. All project participants will be clearly visible in all publish material.


All parties will sign the project agreement, where everyone agrees that no results are communicated before the final report and the demonstration material are officially published. After that, everyone has full rights to use the material.

Everyone attending is also signing the budget restrictions to bear its own costs as well as being responsible for the safety and security for their attendees.

Time plan

Start-Up: Q1 2022
Theoretical project revision: Q1 2022
Practical demonstration and production of public material: Q2 2022
Final report published: Late Q2 2022

Why are we doing this?

There are today several tools on the market using multiple different methods to extinguishing fires in Li-Ion batteries. We want to test these tools and agree on a generic method, applicable on all kinds of Li-Ion batteries, for extinguishing these types of fires. This is to be able to end erroneous fears and speculations.


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