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MSB's assessment of the situation

The direct impact of security policy developments on Sweden is limited, and MSB believes that our security objectives are being maintained. Sweden's application for membership of NATO may entail an increased risk of various activities targeting Sweden for some time to come.

The number of applicants pursuant to the EU Temporary Protection Directive coming to Sweden from Ukraine has decreased since March. At the same time, authorities, municipalities and volunteers are still working to receive refugees and settle them in Sweden.

The changing external situation, both in terms of security policy developments and other events such as the ongoing pandemic, poses a risk of disruption to the supply of critical goods and services. This is being closely monitored by a number of authorities, and stakeholders are responsible for taking the necessary measures.

CERT-SE continues to urge all stakeholders to be alert to denial of service attacks and phishing (e.g. misleading emails) and to continue to share information if they see anomalies in their IT environments. CERT-SE's overall external monitoring does not show any major deviations from the normal flow of traffic. However, the situation regarding cyber-related events and phenomena can change rapidly. CERT-SE is Sweden's national CSIRT (Computer Security Incident Response Team) and is tasked with supporting Sweden in its efforts to manage and prevent cyber incidents.

Latest reviewed: 19 July 2022

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