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If you want to help

When something serious happens in Sweden or in the world, many people contact us at MSB and want to help. Many thanks for that! Unfortunately, we are usually not able to pass on gifts, work input or contributions. For those of you who would like to contribute, there are other ways to go.

When the Swedish Civil Contingency Agency sends personnel and material to disasters abroad, we work almost exclusively as support to another organization and always based on a special request. We must be careful to send exactly what is requested and needed on site, and that our staff are trained and practised for the assignment. In addition, the situation and coordination in a crisis area may, unfortunately, deteriorate if we arrive with supplies and personnel that were not requested.

Many thanks for all your care and kindness!

Work in national and international operations

If you wish to make a contribution in the future, register your interest in being part of the Swedish Civil Contingency Agency resource base. We are always looking for emergency personnel within a number of different areas of expertise, however we cannot accept spontaneous staff applications for ongoing efforts.

Taking part in a mission

Get involved in a volunteer organization

In the event of a serious social disturbance in Sweden, you must primarily notify your interest in helping to the relevant municipality or county board. In special cases the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency may open up for national voluntary coordination, in such cases this will be communicated on our website.

Many authorities, municipalities and regions have signed agreements with voluntary organisations. In the event of social disturbances, voluntary organizations can be quickly called in to provide support in various areas. If you would like to increase your chances of helping in such a situation, why not become involved in one of these?

Donate through organizations who have plus giro accounts beginning with 90

Those of you who wish to donate funding can see the organizations have been awarded a plus giro 90 account at Svensk insamlingkontroll, which is a quality control site for fundraising activities. If you would like to donate clothes or toys, contact one of the volunteer organizations working on site and ask if they have any operations you can contribute to.

Find out where to donate at Svensk insamlingskontroll

Latest reviewed: 9 February 2023

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