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What does MSB do?

No authority is singlehandedly responsible for Sweden’s handling of the coronavirus disease COVID-19. Instead, there are several parties involved that handle different parts thereof. Together, this forms Sweden’s preparedness.

The Government Offices of Sweden (via the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs), the Public Health Agency, the National Board of Health and Welfare, and MSB are the authorities that are working with the new coronavirus to the greatest extent. In brief, you could say that:

  • The Public Health Agency has the main responsibility for questions concerning contagion and communicable disease control

  • The Ministry for Foreign Affairs is responsible for travel advisory and assisted repatriation

  • The National Board of Health and Welfare is responsible for the overall care bed capacity situation

In addition, the regions are responsible for scaling up and facing the contagion through local health centres as well as each region’s infectious disease specialists.

This is what MSB is doing:

Gathers confirmed information for the public at krisinformation.se

The website krisinformation.se provides confirmed information from authorities involved in the handling of the coronavirus COVID-19.

Read information gathered on COVID-19 at krisinformation.se

Analyses trends and coordinates information for authorities and the Government

  • MSB prepares national situation analyses on long- and short-term consequences to public safety.
  • MSB keeps the Government Offices informed on how the development may impact society.
  • MSB analyses trends in the development and maintains contact with relevant actors and authorities.

  • MSB arranges regular collaboration conferences to provide other authorities involved with the opportunity to share information and coordinate decisions.

Hosts joint press conferences for the current situation

MSB, the Public Health Agency, and the National Board of Health and Welfare holds press conferences to provide updates on the current situation. Representatives from other relevant authorities also participate in these press conferences.

Supports and prepares guidelines

MSB provides support and guidelines for social actors working with preparedness. One example is guidelines for identifying essential services and planning support for loss of personnel, deliveries of goods or services.

Operational actions

MSB’s operational mission works from an all-risk perspective, i.e. we have the same resources and modus operandi regardless of social disruption. We can choose to apply these and to scale up depending on the event.

Lends expertise and resources

MSB offers to lend expertise and resources to the relevant authorities, for example with respect to coordination or crisis communication.

Work on regulations and general guidelines

MSB prepares to draw up regulations and general guidelines that could be used if the Government makes a decision on temporary school closures. The work is performed in close cooperation with Sweden’s municipalities and regions (SKR), county administrative boards, and the Swedish National Agency for Education.

A major information campaign mission from the Government

Due to the new coronavirus, MSB has been directed by the Government to carry out a broad information campaign targeted at the public. The purpose is to ensure that the information provided to the public by the authorities is coordinated and clear and that there are effective information channels.

Through a joint effort, we make it easier for the relevant authorities to reach the public with current information and help the public to find krisinformation.se where confirmed information has been gathered.

Latest reviewed: 22 March 2021

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