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Information campaign regarding the novel coronavirus

On 24 March 2020, the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) was directed by the Government to carry out a major information campaign in order to provide coordinated information on the new coronavirus. The awareness action is carried out in cooperation with the Public Health Agency and the National Board of Health and Welfare. The goal is to reach as many as possible in Sweden’s population.

The coronavirus crisis is impacting society in every way, not least with respect to the flow of information. Confirmed information and rumors are disseminated simultaneously, which creates confusion and concern regarding the facts.

The communication objective for the initiative is for people to know what they can do themselves in order to slow down the spread of contagion. It shall also contribute to people being active and persistent in helping to slow the spread of contagion and limit its impact on society.

The information campaign consists of three parts

The information campaign consists of three parts, which will be running simultaneously in order for it to reach as many people as possible.

One part is for the campaign to use advertisements in traditional and social media, such as newspapers, radio, TV, and digital information boards, for the broad distribution of the information. This part of the campaign is estimated to reach more than 90 percent of the population.

There are target groups that may be more difficult to reach, such as people with certain functional variations, newly arrived, the elderly, and minority groups. This is why MSB, as a second part of the campaign, will be working together with associations, religious communities, voluntary organisations, and other authorities in order to ensure that the message reaches as many people as possible.

As a third part of the initiative, the regular press conferences arranged together with the Public Health Agency and the National Board of Health and Welfare continue. There, the media will have an updated situational analysis from the authorities, as well as the opportunity to ask questions.

Krisinformation.se will be the main site for the initiative in its role of gathering confirmed information from Swedish authorities.

Read current and confirmed information on the new coronavirus covid-19 at krisinformation.se

More information on the three parts of the information campaign

  • Broad advertising

    The advertisements will run in several different channels, for example as full-page and half-page ads in newspapers, as radio and television segments, social media posts in various languages, and digital advertising in different languages.

    The messages are adapted for each respective channel they will appear in. They are designed to convince as many people as possible to do their utmost to protect themselves, others, and to help mitigate the consequences to society. The main message is “Together we can slow the spread”.



    This is a schematic overview of the different media channels used by the campaign. The campaign will run in traditional channels such as television, radio, and the morning papers, but also be widely broadcast in digital channels and on social media.

    In addition, we will use channels that directly reach other language groups in our country. In cooperation with these channels, as well as associations and organizations, we are actively working to reach groups outside the usual reach of the standard media channels.

    Time schedule

    Below, you will find a time schedule for the current, first campaign, launching Week 12. We are expecting a prolonged coronavirus crisis and that more information campaigns will be necessary.


  • Cooperation

    MSB has reached out to several authorities, as well as to several civil society organizations, but many also contact us on their own initiative and offer to support the authority in reaching as many people as possible with essential information, regardless of needs and conditions.

    Thus far, MSB has been in contact with and set up a cooperation with the following authorities:

    • The Swedish Agency for Support for Faith Communities (SST)
    • The Swedish Agency for Participation (MFD)
    • The National Organ for Dialogue and Consultation Between the Government and the Civil Society in Sweden (NOD)
    • The Swedish Agency for Accessible Media (MTM)
    • The National Agency for Special Needs Education and Schools (SPSM)

    MSB has also initiated a cooperation with the County Administrative Board of Skåne ,where they will support both MSB and county administrative boards and other actors in reaching newly arrived migrants and foreign-born persons with current and confirmed information on how we together can slow down the spread of the coronavirus. The starting point for this work is the special needs and knowledge-based method that has been used by the County Administrative Board of Skåne for many years in order to promote the health and participation of newly arrived migrants.

    Civil society is an asset in times of crises and hardships. MSB has contacted hundreds of organizations and associations that represent a number of different interests and activities and there is a great willingness to help spread essential information during the ongoing pandemic in their member organizations, networks, and channels.

  • Press conferences

    Every weekday at 14:00, and when necessary, a joint press conference is held where the Public Health Agency of Sweden, MSB, and the National Board of Health and Welfare together give an update on the current situation. Other authorities also participate when they have information they need to share.

    The press conferences are broadcast live on the Public Health Agency’s YouTube channel and is also available to watch later. SVT also broadcasts live from the press conferences.

    The Public Health Agency’s YouTube channel

    SVT Play

Advertising material to be used

  • Advertising material in other languages

    This is a presentation of some of the material produced in other languages as part of the information campaign.

    Material in other languages is being prepared and will be uploaded as soon as possible.

    If you have any questions about the material or how it should be used, please contact kommunikation@msb.se.

    All videos available for download

    Together we can slow the spread – 7 languages

    Videos 5 and 15 seconds in length.

    Message to the target audience “the general public” and “70 years or older” – 2 languages

    Two different videos – one aimed at the target group “70 years or older” and one aimed at the target group “the general public”.

    Message “70 years”
    Message “stay home”

    Link: All videos available for download at YouTube






Latest reviewed: 6 May 2020

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