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Strategic warehouse for civilian missions for the European Union

MSB, the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, is assigned to store, acquire and transport equipment to be used in the European Union’s missions for civilian and conflict management.

Included in this assignment is the development of an Enterprise Resource Planning system which will be used to keep track of the equipment. This task makes Sweden and MSB a valuable partner to EU in their effort to strengthen peace and security in countries affected by crisis and conflict.

MSB, the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, is assigned to manage the European Union’s strategic stock of equipment used in civilian and conflict management operations. The assignment is carried out under the auspices of the EU Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP).

The EU’s civilian and conflict management operations are focused on responding to external conflicts and crises, building capacity among partners and protecting the EU and its citizens. For example, it can concern the training of a country’s police force or similar issues connected to the rule of law, preventing conflict through observation missions, and to promote sustainable peace.

The assignment to manage this strategic warehouse renders Sweden and MSB a strategically valuable part of the objective of the EU to strengthen peace, security and rule of law in states affected by crises and conflicts.

The CSDP Warehouse II contract

  • MSB keep stock, purchase and transport equipment to, from and between the EU civilian missions around the world.
  • The equipment kept in stock is, among others, IT equipment, satellite telephones, medical supplies, medicines and helmets.
  • MSB also administer the maintenance of the equipment that has been used in the missions, and develop an Enterprise Resource Planning system for the management of the equipment.
  • IThe IT system includes modules for purchases, HR and project management.
  • The warehouse enables the EU to swiftly launch new missions, scale up or down existing missions, move equipment or to terminate missions.

Positive effects

MSB’s work with storing, acquiring and transporting the strategic stock of equipment and assets will contribute to the following positive effects:

  • Missions can be launched faster, and the planning before a mission will be facilitated.
  • The CSDP Warehouse will provide EU with the necessary equipment in sufficient quantities to quickly start up a new mission.
  • Simplified monitoring and control of expenses during and after a mission.
  • Enhanced quality of the equipment for the missions.
  • Consistency in the equipment of the different missions, which will increase the flexibility and efficiency.

The warehouse is located in Kristinehamn, where MSB already conducts extensive stockholding and logistical operations for national and international operations, assign to MSB by, among others, the EU and the UN.

In addition, MSB will promote increased consideration of the environment in the missions, for example by securing environmentally conscious waste disposal.

The agreement between MSB and EU runs for three years, with the possibility of extension for 12 months, an extension that the EU has decided to be 18 months.

Background of the agreement

The European Union established a first strategic warehouse in 2013, with the purpose of swiftly being able to support new civilian missions with the appropriate equipment. In 2016, the member states of the EU were presented the opportunity to make offers for hosting a new strategic warehouse. The ambition with this new procurement was that the service to the missions would be increased and enhanced, by also providing support with logistics and transport to current missions.

In the fall of 2016, MSB handed in an offer for being appointed responsible for the strategic warehouse, and to locate it in Kristinehamn, where MSB for a long time has already conducted comprehensive activities in stockholding and logistics. After evaluation, it was agreed in the EU that MSB was the most suitable candidate for this task. In 2021 the assignment was extended by 18 months.

Latest reviewed: 29 April 2021

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