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Duty officer

The government has determined that the MSB, as with several other authorities, must have a Duty Officer (TiB) tasked to detect, verify, alert and inform about serious events and to initiate and coordinate the initial operational work.

The Duty Officer (TiB) is the point of entry in to the MSB and deals with urgent matters round the clock.

Among other things, this entails responding to or forwarding inquiries about resources or expert support for operations in Sweden, within the EU, or elsewhere in the world. During office hours the TiB service is made up of the TiB, and national and global monitoring officers who monitor and in the early stages detect new events.

Outside office hours, the TiB monitors global events to enhance the ability in an early stage to detect events within the MSB's areas of responsibility. If necessary the TiB can call in personnel from the MSB’s other emergency organisation services so as to rapidly establish the necessary activities.

The TiB is also responsible for the Situation Monitoring Service and can when necessary initiate support and assistance for deployed field staff round the clock.

The TiB can be reached by e-mail or phone. Calls are routed via SOS Alarm AB, ask to speak to the MSB Duty Officer or TiB.


+46 54 150 150 (routed via SOS Alarm)

E-mail: tib@msb.se

Fax: +46 550 411 960

SMS +44 7797 800 380

Latest reviewed: 30 May 2019

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