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In response to the Ukraine crisis, Sweden prepares for a RescEU mission to provide emergency shelters

The EU has tasked Sweden, through MSB, to prepare for immediately deploy contingency resources to provide temporary emergency shelters for Ukrainian war refugees. The project has a budget of SEK 200 million and is financed through the EU Civil Protection Mechanism.

– This is an important mission where we benefit from our long international experience with planning, transporting and building shelters and other infrastructure during crisis situations, says Robert Wallén, Head of Response and Operations Department at The Swedish Civil Contingency Agency (MSB).

Russia's invasion of Ukraine and the resulting refugee flows impact the ability of Ukraine and other countries to accommodate refugees. The EU is therefore providing funds, via the rescEU reserve, for 20,000 beds in prefabricated housing units. The housing units will be deployable at short notice and can be erected in hard-hit locations to provide safety, warmth and temporary shelter to those affected.

– On behalf of the EU, we will be able to quickly dispatch and erect emergency shelter where it is needed. Not all housing units are to be used at the same place and time; MSB may set up housing in several countries and in different locations, says Robert Wallén.

Planning, procurement and purchase of the housing units and all peripheral equipment, including beds and electrical supply, is now underway. Some formalities remain, but work will start immediately and everything should be ready for deployment within a few weeks for initial use during a six-month period. Housing units will be shipped as they are purchased, since procurement is ongoing. The dispatch of the assistance will be coordinated with the EU Emergency Response Coordination Centre (ERCC) and the requesting Member State.

About the project

Purpose: Provide temporary shelters and support to the affected population fleeing the war in Ukraine.

Goal: Establish a resource to immediately provide 4,000 emergency shelters, for approximately 20,000 people.

Contents: Emergency shelters, beds, lighting, heating, some electrical supply, etc.

Budget: SEK 200 million for establishment of the resource.

Funded by: The EU within rescEU

Period: 6 months.

Coordination: With the EU, in particular with the ERCC, and with the host country.

About rescEU

When EU countries experience major disasters, national resources are sometimes insufficient. RescEU is an additional safety net of EU-wide resources intended to strengthen preparedness and response capacities for different types of crises, such as forest fires and pandemics.

MSB is already responsible for one of rescEU's emergency stocks of medical equipment, and we also have helicopters and fire-fighting aircraft available for forest firefighting within rescEU. Carrying out operations and strengthening national and international actors by providing skills and equipment are several important elements of MSB's operational mission. A mission which extends over the entire threat spectrum - from accidents to war.

Published: 14 April 2022 , [Missing text '/pagetypes/nescardpage/atFull' for 'English'] 09:00

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