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MSB’s responsibility for EU's logistics service for civilian crisis management missions is extended

For the last three years, MSB has been responsible for the EU's logistics service for civilian crisis management missions. This assignment is now being extended for another 18 months.
– We welcome the extension and how it gives us the opportunity to continue to develop the service, says Filip Staake, project manager for the assignment.

For three years, MSB has been tasked with stockpiling, purchasing, and transporting equipment used in the EU's civilian and conflict management operations. In the original agreement, there is an option to extend the agreement for 12 months, an extension that the EU has decided should be 18 months instead. The reason for the additional six months is that the EU wants a smooth handover to the stakeholder responsible for the next phase, CSDP Warehouse III, when the time comes.

The extension of the assignment means that we can continue to develop the logistics service. The concept of Warehouse III is not ready to launch and this way the EU and MSB can continue to provide good support for EU missions around the world. And also make a good handover to CSDP Warehouse III, says Filip Staake.

Many deliveries despite the pandemic

MSB's work on the assignment involves streamlining the EU's civilian crisis management missions from an operational perspective. Getting the right equipment in place at the right time is important for launching a mission quickly and efficiently. During the last six months, MSB has, within the scope of the assignment, carried out 76 transports from warehouses to missions, between missions, and from supplier to missions. The transports have been carried out in close cooperation with the FPI (the European Commission's Service for Foreign Policy Instruments) and the CPCC (the EU’s Civilian Planning and Conduct Capability). Together, MSB and the EU have handled the complications that have arisen in management due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Logistics service and global ERP system

The project also includes the development of a global ERP system aimed at streamlining planning and resource management as well as the reporting from missions. The ERP system has been deployed to the majority of the missions. Only the larger ones in Ukraine, Kosovo, and Georgia remain. The system is constantly being improved and work on version 2.0 is in full swing and is expected to be completed this summer.

Facts about CSDP

Civilian operations are carried out within the scope of the EU's Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP). The size and scope of missions vary, but the overall aim is to respond to external conflicts and crises, strengthen a country's capacity, and protect the Union and its citizens.

Facts about the assignment

  • The EU fully funds the assignment
  • CSDP Warehouse provides the EU with the necessary equipment in sufficient quantity to quickly launch a new mission.
  • The assignment includes responsibility for all transports to, from, and between missions carried out by the EU around the world.
  • Equipment that MSB keeps in stock within the scope of the assignment includes safety equipment, medical supplies, IT equipment, satellite telephones, pharmaceuticals, and helmets.
  • The assignment involves the development of an ERP system for all CSDP missions for the management of warehousing and accounting.
  • The warehouse is located in Kristinehamn where MSB already conducts warehousing and logistics activities for national and international operations, on behalf of, among others, the EU and the UN.

The benefits of the project

The CSDP Warehouse II project contributes to the following benefits:

  • Missions can be launched, scaled up and down, or terminated more quickly.
  • Equipment can be moved more quickly.
  • Facilitated planning and resource inventory.
  • Simplified monitoring and control of expenses during and after missions.
  • Higher quality of the equipment for the missions.
  • Uniform equipment in the missions, improving both flexibility and efficiency.
  • MSB promotes increased consideration of the environment in the missions, for example by ensuring waste management.
Published: 29 April 2021 , [Missing text '/pagetypes/nescardpage/atFull' for 'English'] 14:22

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