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Published: 29 May 2020 , [Missing text '/pagetypes/nescardpage/atFull' for 'English'] 15:03

International roundtable on long term consequences of covid-19

On 19 May MSB organised an international roundtable to increase the understanding of the long-term consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic on preparedness and resilience .

MSB has launched a series of initiatives to explore the implications of the covid-19 pandemic in terms of its effect on conditions for strengthening societies’ resilience in the longer term. As part of this, MSB convened a digital roundtable with leading experts from several different countries for discussions about the lessons learned and experiences gained so far during the pandemic.

The roundtable was arranged in collaboration with the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), a British thinktank, and dealt with themes such as democratic principles, trust and values, communication with citizens during emergencies, increased digitalisation, global supply chains, and international cooperation.

The meeting, which was held via video link, also had invited listeners from Sweden and abroad. MSB and RUSI are currently compiling a report of the roundtable which will be published on msb.se. A further roundtable will be held in June together with, the Swedish Institute of International Affairs, UI. These discussions will provide important contributions towards understanding the possible impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on MSB’s continued mission to strengthen preparedness for accidents and emergencies and support civil defence.

Agenda and speakers

Published: 29 May 2020 , [Missing text '/pagetypes/nescardpage/atFull' for 'English'] 15:03

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