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Published: 22 July 2020 , [Missing text '/pagetypes/nescardpage/atFull' for 'English'] 13:07

Trust and concern largely constant

Responses to Kantar Sifo’s survey have mostly remained constant over the last few weeks. The majority of respondents say they are continuing to follow the agency’s recommendations and that they intend to get vaccinated when a vaccine is available.

Respondents’ trust in the management by government agencies and national institutions of the spread of the coronavirus in Sweden remains at earlier levels, with only minor changes. Just over half of those surveyed state that their trust in society’s management of the pandemic is fairly or very high.

Recommendations still being followed

Almost nine out of ten respondents say they are continuing to follow government agencies’ recommendations as much or more today than they have been doing for the past few weeks.

More young people expecting to become infected

The likelihood of becoming infected gradually grows smaller. When people are asked to estimate their own likelihood of becoming infected, only a third believe this is fairly or very likely. Younger respondents break the trend here, with just over half of all respondents aged 18–29 saying that they believe it is fairly or very likely they will become infected with covid-19.

Perceptions of resilience, personal and national

Respondents’ concern about their own situation is decreasing overall. This week’s survey returned a new record low, with just over one in ten stating that they feel worried about their own maintenance over the coming year. This also applies to responses concerning personal savings, which four out of ten respondents say they are worried about.

Concern about society as a whole continues to be high, however. Nearly seven in ten respondents are concerned about how the welfare system will cope with the effects of the spread of the coronavirus. This figure has remained constant during the survey, geographically as well as in different age groups. Just over eight in ten respondents are concerned that unemployment will grow, but this is still a lower figure than in March/April.

Many are looking forward to a vaccine

Asked whether they will get vaccinated once an approved vaccine against covid-19 has been developed, nearly seven in ten respondents say that they will definitely or probably get vaccinated.

This figure is even higher for the 65-79 age group, where more than eight in ten respondents say that they will get vaccinated.

About the survey

The aim is to survey the public on a continuous basis regarding e g the degree of concern about various possible consequences of covid-19, trust in various stakeholders’ management of its spread, and what measures people are taking to reduce the risk of being exposed themselves. In total, just over 11,600 people have responded to the survey.

Target group and sample

The general public aged 18–79. The sample is drawn randomly from Kantar Sifo’s online panel. The ambition is to carry out 100 interviews net per day. The survey has been going on since 21 March 2020.


Data collection is done using an online survey produced by Kantar Sifo.

The report from Kantar Sifo

Published: 22 July 2020 , [Missing text '/pagetypes/nescardpage/atFull' for 'English'] 13:07

Latest reviewed: 22 July 2020

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