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Empowering citizens through research and innovation

Read more about research projects presented briefly at the Security Research Event 2023.

MSB, Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency

MSB supports applied, needs-oriented research in the field of societal security and civil defense. In order to stimulate research on civil contingencies the agency allocates approx. 100 million SEK annually to a variety of research activities, for example, funding for major research programmes, individual projects and support to various research centres.

Recently launched is a new research plan 2024-2028. It describes ten knowledge areas clustered into three major areas; Civil preparedness, Emergency management and Secure digitalization.

Vinnova, Sweden’s Innovation Agency

Vinnova supports Sweden’s innovation capacity, contributing to sustainable growth. The aim is to make it possible for organisations to address challenges together by enabling innovation that makes a difference. Vinnova’s work is governed by the Swedish government.

The world faces complex challenges. In a short time, the whole society needs to be restructured; our cities, our value chains and consumption patterns. This is the starting point for the new strategic initiative Impact Innovation; large, long-term partnership programs in research and innovation (including secure and well-functioning communities) that will accelerate the transition to a sustainable society.

Active resource for any crisis excercise

Research about disabilities and crisis management.

I’m seriously prepared for everything serious

Research about preppers: Do they trust others? Do they believe in the future?

Living a digital life and ready to cope with crises?

Research about how digitalization affects individual crises preparedness.

This is an unexpected but controlled situation

Research Simulation Lab: Creating realistic crises without risk.

Latest reviewed: 13 September 2023

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