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The government has tasked us to prepare Swedes for crisis and war

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Published: 2018-01-26 kl. 10:31
In 2017, the government tasked MSB to raising Swedes’ awareness of how to prepare for various crises and, in the extreme, war. By the end of this spring, all households in Sweden will have received an information brochure home in the mail.

Brochure to all households in late May

MSB will send out the brochure to all households in Sweden in conjunction with Emergency Preparedness Week, 28 May - 3 June. The brochure provides advice on how people can meet their most basic needs - food, water, heat and communications - when society is not working as normal. This also includes information on how the country functions in the event of war and advice on how individuals can protect themselves.

Differing threats to society mean knowledge is essential

The background to this initiative is that the Government believes that people’s knowledge about how they can prepare for different social crises or war needs to improve. Everyone needs to know how crises can affect society, what responsibility individuals have and how people can prepare themselves to cope with difficult situations.

Extreme weather due to a changing climate, terrorist threats, IT attacks and a deteriorating security situation are among the threats the Government wants the country's residents to be aware of. The brochure does not describe any specific war threat from Russia or any other country.

Mass information about safety and preparedness is a tradition

This brochure to households now in the planning stage is a continuation of the Swedish tradition of informing its citizens about security and preparedness. During the Second World War and the Cold War, brochures were issued on several occasions. Then the focus then was on being prepared for the war, while today it is about encouragement and building up personal crisis preparedness.

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