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The continuing extreme weather can have dire consequences

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Published: 2018-07-05 kl. 15:36
Today, the 5th of July, MSB issues an announcement to the general public to warn about the extreme fire risk still affecting parts of Sweden.

Earlier this spring and early summer, MSB issued two announcements to the general public concerning the fire risk in forests and nature. The current weather is unusual and therefore MSB chooses to once more warn the general public.

- We do this since we note that the conditions continue to be extreme.  The risks vary geographically within the country and it concerns a protracted process over a long period of time.  Everyone has a responsibility to do what they can to avoid fires in nature. Severe fires can have dire consequences that can affect people’s lives and health, says Anna Nyman, MSB’s head of operations.

Stay informed

There is currently a fire prohibition in place in many of Sweden’s counties, but it is important to also use common sense and be very precautious in areas without fire prohibitions. You can receive information on fire prohibitions from the websites of the municipalities and the county administrative boards (länsstyrelsen). On the website, which is run by MSB, the general public can get advice and updated information on occurrences and crises from local, regional and national authorities. On MSB’s website dinsä, you can also find information in Swedish concerning fire risks and fires.

More about fire risks and fires on dinsä (Swedish)

Get information from the Swedish authorities on (Swedish)

The fire risk app UTE helps you to keep track on the fire risk (Swedish)


Announcement to the general public:

Due to the heat and the unusually dry weather, the risk for fires is approaching record-setting levels in big parts of Sweden. Several severe fires have earlier started in forests and nature and the risk for new ones is still very high. The situation is extremely serious and can affect people’s lives and health.  

Follow the existing rules concerning fire prohibitions, more information can be found on (Swedish).  

One small fire can quickly have serious consequences. 

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