- Ten years of successful research and development collaboration with DHS
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Ten years of successful research and development collaboration with DHS

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Published: 2017-06-28 kl. 11:21
The yearly bilateral meeting between the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and MSB takes place on June 28-29 in Washington. The collaboration creates possibilities for Swedish governmental agencies to exchange knowledge and experiences with US counterparts.

Ten years of successful research and development collaboration with DHS


Since 2007, MSB has administered a research and development agreement with DHS. The collaboration centres around research and collaboration within the area of societal security, and has resulted in an increasing number of Swedish governmental agencies that take the opportunity to exchange knowledge and experiences with US counterparts.

The overarching goal of the agreement is to establish enduring collaboration processes between MSB and the US, between Swedish and American governmental agencies and between public and private research institutions on both sides of the Atlantic.

Yearly bilateral meeting

On June 28-29 the yearly bilateral meeting between MSB and DHS takes place in Washington. The Swedish delegation is lead by MSB's Director General Nils Svartz, and The Swedish Defence Research Institute's Depute Director General Anna-Lena Österborg is a participant. The US delegation is lead by Acting Under Secretary William Bryan, and the agenda includes expert workshops on Cyber Security and First Responders, status reports from ongoing collaboration and strategic dialogue for the upcoming year. Two new Technical Annexes will be signed, to facilitate continued collaboration on Forensic methodology and technical decision making systems.

Ten year celebration

This year it is ten years since the agreement between Sweden and the US on research and development in homeland security matters was signed. The successful partnership rests on a mutual understanding that research and development is key to the long term goal of building a safe, secure and resilient society.

The past decade has resulted in a number of important research results and joint activities, which has been commemorated in several ways during the year. The successful cooperation was highlighted during a half day seminar on the 16th of March in the House of Sweden in Washington. The speakers included MSB Director General Nils Svartz and Under Secretary for Science and Technology Robert Griffin. Jay Cohen, who was Under Secretary for Science and Technology when the agreement was signed ten years ago, was also an active participant. The purpose of the seminar was to emphasize ten years of successful cooperation, and to identify future research needs and development in the field of societal security.

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