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MSB:s Director-General Dan Eliasson together with the head of EU´s civilian missions, Mr Vincenzo Coppola, Civilian Operations Commander

Sweden strengthens EU responsiveness – MSB welcomes the Civilian Operations Commander

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Published: 2019-05-14 kl. 13:30
On May 13-14, MSB welcomes the head of EU´s civilian missions, Mr Vincenzo Coppola, Civilian Operations Commander. During his stay he will visit EU’s strategic warehouse for civilian and conflict management operations.

In May last year, MSB and the EU signed a three year contract for a logistic service (CSDP Warehouse II) worth half a billion SEK, all 10 civilian mission will be able to receive support through the contract. The logistic service contract includes; procurement, transports, storage and maintenance of strategic products as well as the development of a globally accessible business system with the aim of streamlining planning and resource allocation.

During the visit to MSB's office in Karlstad and Kristinehamn, Mr Coppola will get to know MSB as an actor, focusing on our logistics operations, and receive updated information on the status of the logistics service MSB provides for the EU. This is the first time MSB hosts a visit from the Civilian Operations Commander.

Under Mr. Coppolas responsibility EU have 10 missions with about 2,000 people in the field and at headquarters. The size and mandate of civilian missions vary, but the overall objective is to deal with external conflicts and crises, strengthen the capacity of our partners and protect the Union and its citizens.

In November last year all EU member states signed a civilian compact with 22 commitments to make civilian missions a faster, more efficient and more flexible tool that the EU can use in the event of a crisis or conflict in our immediate environment or in the outside world. The logistics service that Sweden provides is an important component to enable several of these commitments for increased responsiveness.

MSB has a longstandig committmet to EU’s civilian crisis management and has for more than 10 years contributed with seconded expertise and equipment to the civilian missions.

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