- MSB met with Public Safety Canada
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MSB met with Public Safety Canada

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Published: 2017-04-27 kl. 12:45
A fruitful meeting was held on April 20th between MSB and Public Safety Canada. The overall purpose was to widen the field of cooperation between the countries, especially between MSB and Public Safety Canada, and to identify new prioritized areas of collaboration.

Photo: MSB

The Canadian delegation consisted of Stéphanie Durand (Acting Assistant Deputy Minister, Emergency Management and Programs Branch) and Alexandra Paslat (Policy Analyst, Strategic Policy, Emergency Management and Programs Branch).

Seminar at the Swedish Institute of International Affairs

Before lunch Stéphanie Durand participated in a seminar, Implementing Disaster Risk Reduction, arranged by MSB in collaboration with the Swedish Institute of International Affairs.

More information about the seminar, and a film of the event, can be found here:

Meeting to widen the cooperation

In the afternoon a bilateral meeting was held at MSB. During the meeting a number of mutually interesting topics were discussed, including risk- and capacity assessment, crisis communication, forest fires, implementation of the Sendai framework, the International Symposium on Resilience and the project Making Cities Resilient.

Strenghening the transatlantic link

The signing of the 2014 collaboration agreement on research and development within the area of societal security between Sweden and Canada meant a wider transatlantic collaboration. A strong transatlantic link is in line with Sweden's defence policy, and it has often been stated that Sweden and Canada share many views and fundamental values, and also meet many of the same challenges in the work for a safer and more resilient society. It is now up to MSB to fill this agreement with content that meets national priorities, that leverages the work that has already been done, and that strenghens the societal security on both sides of the Atlantic.

Collaboration with the US

On the 13th of April 2007 the Swedish government, represented by the Ministry of Defence, signed an agreement on science and technology in homeland security with the US government, represented by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). The government has given tasked MSB with the management and development of the collaboration, and the Director General of MSB has been named the agreement's Executive Agent.

The overarching goal of the agreement is to establish and promote enduring collaboration between MSB and DHS, between Swedish agencies and their counterparts in the US administration and between public and private research establishments on both sides. The agreement creates possibilities for joint research projects, training- and exercise, exchange of experts as well as exchange of information and equipment.

Photo: Grant Ellis/Swedish embassy, Washington

Ten year anniversary

It is now ten years since Sweden signed the bilateral agreement on research and development with the USA. During this decade many important results have been achieved, and the cooperation has deepened The successful partnership between Sweden and the US is based on a mutual understanding that research and development is central to the long term goal of building a safe and resilient society.

The ten year anniversary of the transatlantic research and development cooperation is in focus for the Swedish Embassy in Washington, and their program for public diplomacy during 2017. MSB initiated this year's theme under the title Safe and Sound, and will cohost a number of events with the embassy though out the year. A number of seminars with be arranged, with participants from both Sweden and the US, highlighting different aspects of societal security. The goal of this year's theme is to identify common knowledge needs, and to promote a continued fruitful cooperation between our countries in the area of homeland security.

The 15th of March Safe and Sound was inaugurated, and among the speakers were the Swedish Minister for Children, the Elderly and Gender Equality Åsa Regnér, the Swedish ambassador to the US Björn Lyrvall, Acting Director General of MSB Nils Svartz and Acting Under Secretary for DHS Science and Technology Robert Griffin.

These ten years of cooperation have amounted to a number of joint activities and important research results. This was the focus of a special seminar at the House of Sweden on March 16th. Among the speakers at the seminar were Nils Svartz, Robert Griffin and the Deputy Director at FEMA, Kathleen Fox. Representatives from the US Health and Human Services and colleagues from Canada, as well as Jay Cohen who was Under Secretary for Science and Technology when the agreement was signed ten years ago, attended a brainstorming session about possible future areas of collaboration. The purpose of the seminar was to highlight ten years of successful cooperation and to identify future needs for knowledge, technology, research and development within the area of societal security. At the meeting, a new subsidiary agreement on deepened cooperation on radiological forensics was also signed.

Photo: Swedish embassy, Washington


If you want to know more about Sweden's collaboration with Canada and the US, please contact MSB's team for transatlantic cooperation.

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