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MSB gets the assignment to handle EU’s strategic stock for European crisis management

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Published: 2018-04-27 kl. 15:55
The Foreign Affairs Council has now decided to give MSB the task of storing, purchasing and transporting equipment used in EU civilian and conflict management operations.
The EU has decided to establish a central storage capacity in Sweden for EU civilian crisis management operations. The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, MSB, has been selected as the implementing operator of this warehouse capability. The warehouse will acquire, store, maintain and replenish a strategic stock of key equipment and assets needed for the rapid deployment of a civilian CSDP (Common Security and Defence Policy) missions. As part of the assignment MSB will also develop an IT support system for material handling.

This assignment will make Sweden and MSB an important part of the EU's mission to strengthen peace and security in crisis and war-affected countries, says Anneli Bergholm Söder, Head of the Coordination and Operations Department at MSB.

Getting the right equipment in place at the right time is very important for mission to start quickly and effectively and this assignment will increase the Responsiveness of the EU. MSB is a proven mission support and warehouse operator, and a recognized partner to the UN and European Union. The agency has many years of experience working with and providing support to other organizations during and after natural disasters and conflict situations. Last year, the MSB carried out 39 national and 125 international initiatives. The agency’s warehouse in Kristinehamn, Sweden, is an essential part in these operations. It is this knowledge and experience that made EU choose MSB as warehouse operator.

MSB has many years of experience working with and providing support to other organizations during and after natural disasters and conflict situations. We are proud to get this opportunity to strengthen CSDP’s ability for rapid deployment of mission equipment, says Anneli Bergholm Söder.

The assignment requires that MSB provides the services and practical arrangements that are necessary to support primarily the rapid deployment of Civilian CSDP (Common Security and Defence Policy) Missions. This extends to warehousing and maintenance of equipment. This means that MSB will expand its operations in Kristinehamn.

The MSB will provide the civilian CSDP Missions with:


  • Vehicles
  • IT-equipment - desktop computers and laptops computers)
  • Communication equipment (e.g. radios, smart phones)
  • Personal protective equipment, medical equipment, visibility equipment
  • Freight forwarding services
  • Disposal services
  • Technical maintenance and repair services of stored equipment
  • Enterprise Resource Planning system with the Global Inventory
  • Refurbishment service for armoured vehicles

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