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MSB facilitate an expert round table discussion on Safeguarding Democracy and Preventing Violent Extremism

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Published: 2017-11-13 kl. 15:00
On the 13th and 14th of November, MSB and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) facilitate an expert round table discussion for some of the most knowledgeable researchers and experts in the field and a public seminar on Safeguarding Democracy and Preventing Violent Extremism. The meetings are held as a part of the Swedish Embassy’s theme Safe and Sound, in the House of Sweden, Washington DC.

Violent extremism poses a threat to societies all around the world. Extremism does not evolve in a vacuum, but is connected ta other societal risks such as organized crime, social unrest and gang-related activities. Despite their ideological differences, extremist groups have the common ambition to change society in a totalitarian direction using political violence and terrorism. This agenda negatively impacts social cohesion, human rights and civil liberties.

The aim is to enable experts from the USA, Canada and Sweden to exchange experiences and to discuss ways to meet our common challenges in this field. The event is hosted by the Swedish National Coordinator to Safeguard Democracy Against Violent Extremism.

Themes for the event   

The event focuses on three overarching themes;

  1. Long-lasting measures; research, policy and intervention,
  2. Understanding and preventing terrorist violence; parallel societies, societal risks and crime-extremism nexus,
  3. International cooperation - way forward to raise societal security.
The public seminar is opened by the Swedish Ambassador, Karin Olofsdotter. Key note speakers are Magnus Ranstorp (CATS, Swedish Defense University) and Miles Taylor (Counselor to the Secretary, DHS).

Increased knowledge  

The Swedish community based approach toward countering violent extremism builds on the involvement of local stakeholders. The approach requires an understanding of how violent extremism targets democracy, recruitment on- and offline, the role of families and mechanisms for exit. This method has proven valuable in understanding the radicalization process, how different actors influence each other and cross-over effects between contexts.

The ambition is to build a shared understanding of the challenges and possible solutions with the aim to contribute to the common knowledge base and facilitate future collaboration between Sweden and the US.

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