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Disaster Risk Management Workshops with IPA DRAM

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Published: 2018-03-01 kl. 11:32
During spring of 2018, the EU-funded programme IPA Disaster Risk Assessment and Mapping (DRAM) runs technical workshops in its seven partner countries. Focusing on how disasters are best handled at the national level, the workshops are tailored to fit the needs of each hosting partner.

Disaster Risk Management Workshops with IPA DRAM

IPA DRAM's overall objective is to strengthen the partner countries' capacity for disaster management at national, regional and EU level. The technical components are disaster loss data, risk assessment and risk mapping, all approached with a holistic perspective. The workshops focus on disaster management at a national level, facilitated by the programme's dedicated Key and Non-Key experts from the consortium countries Italy, Croatia, Slovenia and Sweden. The participants are the partner countries' national experts on disaster loss data, risk assessment and risk mapping. The disposition of the workshops bases on historical data, analysing and reasoning; and on what data is missing, with the aim to make supplementary assessments.

Some of the elements from the workshops:

Disaster Loss Data (DLD)

  • Briefing on national criteria for data collection.
  • Working on creating compatible systems, linking DLD and national disaster risk assessments (NDRA).
  • Training in and updating of the disaster information management system DesInventar Sendai.

National Disaster Risk Assessment (NDRA)

  • Development of risk scenarios.
  • Identification and discussion of gaps in the enabling factors.
  • Defining core geospatial information for NDRA and Civil Protection purposes, and initialising a common understanding in the management of geospatial data.

Risk Mapping

  • Development and adaptation of the concept for Electronic Regional Risk Atlas (ERRA). ERRA is a multi-dimensional tool with national and regional risk maps that will also be linked to DLD and DRA databases. ERRA can be used in research, reporting and risk assessment.

Further in the programme, focus will be on enhancing the partners' capacity in disaster management at regional and international level. The region's three most common types of hazards have been identified (earthquake, flood, and wildfire) and there will be joint discussions on methods for risk assessments.

IPA DRAM will integrate the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction through all three technical components of the programme. The intention is to increase institutional awareness of the Sendai Framework guidelines, review requirements for collection and methods and develop compatible systems.

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