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Countering information influence activities - A handbook for communicators

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Published: 2018-08-27 kl. 15:44
MSB has together with researchers at Lund University developed a handbook in countering information influence activities. The handbook is directed towards communicators in the public sector.

The handbook will aid communicators at authorities with monitoring responsibilities, county administrative boards and other actors in the public sector to independently increase their awareness about, to identify and to counter information influence activities directed towards their own organisations.

In the beginning of 2017, in connection to MSB starting to work to support the protection of the 2018 national election, a collaboration with researchers at the Department of Strategic Communication was initiated. This collaboration was focused around compiling current research on how an organisation in an efficient manner can counter information influence activities. The compilation resulted in a research paper that has provided the groundwork for a handbook on countering information influence activities.

To strengthen awareness, knowledge and capability

The aim is that the research results and the handbook will strengthen the awareness, knowledge and capability of the actors by presenting knowledge and methods in an accessible, visual and practical way on how to identify and counter information influence activities.

The handbook consists of three main parts and draws on the role and perspective of communicators.


What are information influence activities, how are weaknesses used to affect an organisation, and how do I know when and if my organisation has been targeted?


What is the purpose of information influence activities, which are the main techniques that are used and how do these components fit together?


How do I work preventively in my organisation, how do I choose the appropriate method to counter influence activities and how does the organisation utilize the experiences of being a target of information influence activities?

Lastly, the handbook discusses shortcomings in countering information influence activities as well as tips for further readings.

The handbook can in due time be updated to fit changing circumstances.

Read the handbook Countering information influence activities

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