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Announcement to the general public the 23rd of July

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Published: 2018-07-24 kl. 11:15
The 23rd of July MSB issued an announcement to the general public to take responsibility and respect the fire ban.

Announcement to the general public:

The dry and hot weather is basically continuing throughout the entire country. The risk of fire will be reaching extreme levels this week. Four critical forest fires are in progress, and there is a very high risk of more, especially in the southern part of the country and in the Mälardal region. At this moment, forest fires must be fought early. A small spark can quickly spread and have serious consequences.

The situation is extremely serious. MSB urges everyone to take responsibility and follow local fire bans. If you cause a fire, you can be held liable.

Stay informed

You can receive information on fire prohibitions from the websites of the municipalities and the county administrative boards (länsstyrelsen). On the website, which is run by MSB, the general public can get advice and updated information on occurrences and crises from local, regional and national authorities. 


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