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National risk and capability assessment

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Sweden needs to be able to handle a range of challenges, from accidents and disasters to war. The National Risk Assessment is part of the process of developing our collective capability to prevent and manage extensive and adverse events at all levels of society.

The Government of Sweden has commissioned the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) to continue the mission of producing a National Risk Assessment that began in 2011. The MSB has also initiated efforts to develop a more coherent and reliable process for producing national risk and capability assessments.

The purpose of the National Risk Assessment is to provide a strategic groundwork for the direction and further development of civil contingencies.

Society is continuously changing and a characteristic feature of our time is the increasingly complex dependencies between various sectors of society which in turn, can contribute to increased vulnerability. Furthermore, changes in the security situation in Europe pose challenges such as influence campaigns, information warfare, terrorism and cyber threats. In general, this illustrates a diversified picture of future risks which demands greater societal capability in order to reach the goals for societal safety, disaster preparedness and civil defense.

The public sector, private sector, non-governmental organisations and citizens all have a responsibility to build the capability to prevent and respond to present risks and threats and to collectively strengthen societal safety and to support prevention, preparedness, response and recovery throughout the disaster management cycle.

National Risk and Capability Assessment 2016

This year’s national assessment was submitted by the MSB to the Government Offices of Sweden in March.

PDF: Summary of National Risk and Capability Assessment 2016 

A summary of risk areas and scenario analyses

Report with an overview and synthesis of the 14 scenario analyses conducted as part of the national risk and capability assessment between 2012 and 2015. The report represents a response to Assignment 16 of MSB’s appropriation for 2015.

PDF: A summary of risk areas and scenario analyses 2012–2015

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