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Public warning systems

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Sweden has several systems for informing and alerting the public. The two most important ones are the IPA system (Important Public Announcement), and in regions with a nuclear power plant the system for nuclear alerts.
Outdoor warnings can be sounded in all built-up areas with populations of more than 1,000. And in specifically designated areas around nuclear power plants. This system contains approximately 4,500 sirens. They can be used to sound the “important public announcement” siren for all types of danger, which is then followed up by information on radio and TV.
A new control system for outdoor siren warnings has been installed nationwide. It is radio based and provides the option to sound the alert in exactly the areas affected in each case.

The MSB has entered or will enter into agreements regarding the broadcast of emergency alerts with many commercial and state radio and TV channels and broadcasting conglomerates.  In Sweden, about twenty emergency alerts are broadcast each year. Media companies which are signed up to the system must always be able to broadcast these messages.
In specific areas around nuclear power plants residents are warned both by outdoor sirens and indoors via the RDS system on the free radio receivers provided by the state to each household in these specific areas.
Another project in progress is looking into new ways to reach and inform the public. The media that will be used, initially, are mobile phones and the Internet.
Published: 2009-11-26 kl. 23:13
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