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Genderforce cooperation

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Genderforce cooperation consists of the Swedish Armed Forces, the MSB, the Swedish Police, the Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation, the Folke Bernadotte Academy, and Sida.
All members run activities in the fields of international disaster and conflict management or international development cooperation; and all work for greater gender equality within their areas of operation on the basis of UN Resolution 1325 and its subsequent resolutions.
When this is done through various mandates, approaches and domain expertise within each agency and organisation provide Genderforce cooperation with unique opportunities to learn from each other and share knowledge and experiences.
Cooperation is guided by a steering committee which decides on the activities to be carried out.


Genderforce cooperation started in 2008 and is a continuation of the EU funded project Genderforce which concluded in 2007.
Like its predecessor, the goal is to increase the skills and effectiveness of Sweden's international work so that the equal values of men and women, their sometimes different needs and unique experiences, are utilized and that the human rights of women as well as men are defended.
Concrete examples of how this can be achieved are to increasingly work with gender and gender mainstreaming and gender advisers in the field.


Within Genderforce cooperation there are continuous exchanges of experience and various joint activities.

Among other things, there are regular training courses in gender analysis and gender mainstreaming in the field. The host for these training courses rotates annually between members and all member organisations are involved in course planning and implementation.
Support and training of managers, so-called gender coaches, is also a cooperative project.


The EU project that forms the basis of current cooperation had eight sub-projects that worked towards:
  • visibility of obstacles in the recruitment of women to overseas service and through new recruitment methods to increase the number of women serving overseas, including in management positions,
  • influence operational mandates to contain clear directives on gender equality and the active participation of women in recovery operations,
  • develop tools to enable Swedish personnel serving overseas to respect women's needs and rights,
  • clarify the forms of civil-military cooperation in the field and the roles of the various stakeholders, develop the working methods of gender advisers in operations and implement coaching programmes for managers, increase awareness of human trafficking and what operational personnel can do to prevent it,
  • train Swedish personnel on gender equality and women's human rights and spread our experience and tools to EU and UN nations.
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