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There is an ongoing outbreak of Ebola in West Africa, which started at the beginning of 2014. The World Health Organization (WHO) has classified the outbreak as an international threat to human health. We have gathered information here about MSB work in response to the Ebola outbreak.

News about ebola

Tests showed MSB nurse does not have Ebola

2015-01-14 kl. 14:03
The nurse transported home from one of the MSB's missions in Sierra Leone due to an incident with protective equipment, does not have Ebola; this was confirmed by tests at Linköping University Hospital.

Intensive work on the Liberian mission

2014-11-07 kl. 12:12
At the request of the Liberian Ministry of Health and Social welfare and the World Health Organization (WHO) the MSB are executing and planning health and medical work with logistical support in Monrovia. The mission is designed and implemented flexibly so that with knowledge and competence it will be better able to respond to the future needs of the UN and local authorities in West Africa.

MSB's team has arrived in Liberia

2014-10-19 kl. 14:00
During the weekend (October 18-19) MSB's first response team arrived Liberia's capital Monrovia for their work to fight ebola. At the same time two cargo plane arrived from Sweden with equipment to build a camp for international relief workers.

MSB tasked with more operations for West Africa

2014-10-16 kl. 14:37
Today, 16th October, the MSB was tasked by the Swedish Government to plan and execute more operations in West Africa. Among other things, for healthcare and medical efforts, and other relevant resources needed to combat the Ebola outbreak. Funding is from Sida.

Press invitation - meet the Swedish team that will support UN humanitarian workers in Liberia

2014-10-15 kl. 09:16
On Friday the MSB support team will travel to Liberia to create the right conditions for UN aid workers so that they can focus on helping victims, and prevent the further spread of the disease. The mass media are now therefore invited to a press conference, where they can find out more about the MSB operation, and meet the operational chief and members of the team prior to departure.
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