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Coordination support during a disaster or serious crisis

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The MSB’s mandate is to support the coordination of measures taken by local, regional and national authorities during a serious crisis or disaster.
The principle of responsibility is fundamental to Swedish crisis management. An authority responsible for an operation during normal circumstances will also be responsible for that operation during a crisis. For serious crises that affect large parts of society, crisis management at central government level may need to be coordinated.
The MSB supports this coordination by providing methods and networks for the competent authorities during extraordinary events. The MSB will also support the Swedish Government Offices with documentation and information in the event of  serious crises or disasters.

Coordinated and confirmed information to the general public

The MSB promotes coordinated decision-making between competent actors during a crisis. The MSB also provides methods for crisis communication and the coordination of official information to the public. One important task is to prevent unnecessary duplication and avoid contradictory information.
During an crisis or disaster, regular cooperation conferences are held, at which the competent actors maintain action plans and common and up-to-date situational reports of what has happened. This coordinated information is communicated to the public via various channels, including the intergovernmental portal  and a call centre. Press releases are distributed, and intergovernmental press conferences are held.

Developing cooperation

MSB support to external actors includes coordinated and promoted development and knowledge of methods for producing and distributing situational reports, guides for preparedness and reporting procedures as well as work by the Swedish Duty Officers network.
The MSB offers external actors, both national and international, an overview of societal resources, such as, access to power reserves, modules for various types of operation in the event of serious  emergencies etc.

Coordination of Swedish resources during international crises and disasters

The coordinating role is also highly relevant for managing a crisis or disaster overseas, be it in Europe or elsewhere. Swedish authorities need to meet and coordinate their actions when the Joint Response Team is deployed to international disasters involving people usually resident in Sweden, and when Sweden needs to accept or offer assistance to other countries.
The MSB’s coordination aims are that :
  • That responsible authorities possess good knowledge of the situation at hand and about each other’s operations
  • Information to the public should be, as far as is possible,  harmonised and coordinated
  • Media reports should be are balanced and objective
  • That most issues during an emergency can be solved by the competent authorities, without the intervention of the national government
Published: 2009-11-26 kl. 23:00
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