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Legislative areas

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MSB works within the following legislative areas.

Civil Protection

The objective of Civil Protection Act (2003:778) is, taking local conditions into consideration, to provide equal, satisfactory and comprehensive civil protection for the whole country safeguarding life, health, property and the environment against all types of incidents, accidents and emergencies.

Flammables and Explosives

The Flammables and Explosives Act (2010:1011) deals with the import and handling of flammable and explosive goods. The aim is to prevent and limit loss of life, injury, and damage to environment and property as a result of fire or explosion.

Transport of Dangerous Goods

The aim of the Transport of Dangerous Goods Act (2006:263) is to prevent and limit injury to people and damage to the environment and property as a result of the transport of dangerous goods.

Chemical Accidents (Seveso)

The aim of the Act on Measures to Prevent and Limit the Consequences of Major Chemical Accidents (1999:381) is to prevent and limit injury to people and damage to the environment. 

Crisis Preparedness and Information Security

The aim of the Act on Municipal and County Council Measures prior to and during Extraordinary Events in Peacetime and during Periods of Heightened Alert (2006:544) is to reduce vulnerabilities in local level governmental operations and to maintain a good capacity for handling crises in peacetime, and thereby also attaining a fundamental capacity for civil defence during periods of heightened alert.

Civil Defence


The aim of the Shelters Act (2006:545) is to regulate building, equipment and maintenance of shelters provided for the population during times of war.

Total Defence

The Total Defence Service Act (1994:1809) regulates the Swedish system of national service, including the option to reinstate compulsory military service.
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