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The MSB coordinates Swedish civil participation within Nato/PfP

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The MSB is tasked by the government to coordinate and to a certain extent align civil work within Nato/PfP cooperation; which is unique format for exchanging information, training and exercises as well as well coordinated disaster response operations. Sweden is represented by ten national authorities.
Nato/PfP was established in 1994 as tangible, military and confidence-building security cooperation in Europe. The PfP is a practical cooperative programme between Nato and non-Nato countries in Europe, Central Asia and the Southern Caucasus.
For certain countries this partnership has been a preparation for Nato membership. Sweden has participated since 1994 in this cooperation, which is on a voluntary basis. This means that the individual partner countries themselves decide to what extent and in what manner they wish to participate in the various activities offered by cooperation.
For Sweden, Nato/PfP has been a successful instrument for developing its civil-military cooperation capacity, which is necessary to allow for work on international emergency management, disaster response operations and peace-promotion.
The EAPR (Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council) was established in 1997 as the political framework for PfP work. It is a forum for consultation between Nato and partner countries. The EAPR and the PFP are not independent institutions, they are linked to Nato structure.
Nato’s civil cooperation field Civil Emergency Planning (CEP) covers issues related to civil emergency preparedness planning and humanitarian disaster response operations. The basis for CEP cooperation is that civil emergency preparedness is viewed as a matter of national responsibility.
The MSB is active in several specialist civil fields within Nato/PfP:
  • Information security
  • Protection of critical infrastructure 
  • Exercises and training 
  • CBRN 
  • Crisis communications 
  • Civil-military cooperation 
  • Disaster response operations
The EADRCC (Euro-Atlantic Disaster Response and Coordination Centre) is the Nato/PfP entity that coordinates civil disaster response operations. It brings together personnel from several countries and also runs an extensive programme of exercises. It annually surveys the capabilities and resources of all Nato/PfP countries in order to ensure a high degree of preparedness for the coordination of response operations.
Ten Swedish authorities currently participate in civil Nato/PfP cooperation. The government designated the MSB as the coordinating body for Sweden’s participation. The MSB also supports the Ministry of Defence and Sweden Nato Delegation, primarily in the form of data for negotiations on Nato’s highest civil committee, SCEPC, (Senior Civil Emergency Planning Committee).

Division of responsibility

Nato civil operations are divided into eight specialist areas/committees. The Swedish authorities and the areas for which they are responsible are as follows:
  • CPC (Civil Protection Committee) = MSB 
  • CAPC (Civil Aviation Planning Committee) = Swedish Transport Agency
  • PBIST (Planning Board for Inland Surface Transport) = Swedish Road Administration, Swedish Rail Administration
  • PBOS (Planning Board for Ocean Shipping) = Swedish Maritime Administration 
  • JMC  (Joint Medical Committee) = Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare 
  • IPC (Industrial Planning Committee) = MSB
  • FAPC (Food and Agriculture Planning Committee) =  Swedish National Food Administration, Swedish Board of Agriculture
  • CCPC (Civil Communication Planning Committee) =Swedish Post and Telecom Agency
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